About Simpata

Delivering innovative cloud solutions.

General Blue Cloud Technology

General Blue is leader in cloud based technologies with over 15 years of industry experience. Founded in 2001 with a vision to deliver quality services that can be accessed anywhere anytime and online all the time. We have created innovative services and solutions, for multiple industries providing comprehensive solutions for HR (Human Resource Management), CRM, financial systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and business intelligence.

Industry and Business Experience

Business experience with telecommunication billing systems, defense contractors, telecommunication network system, GPS systems, telecommunication, taxation systems, credit card systems, billing systems, financial systems, health care, receivable accounts, collection systems, timekeeping, customer relationship management (CRM) and airline ticket refund systems.

OfficeSeries Cloud Software

The OfficeSeriesTM cloud solutions provide services to a wide range of businesses. We provide 24X7 availability with 99.95% uptime record for mission critical applications.

Our systems are easily integrated with legacy on-premises applications, infrastructure, networks and security.