Getting Started with Simpata Time

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$9 / mo

Simpata Time enables you to accurately track employee time while providing you comprehensive reporting.

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We provide industry standard recognized 256-bit encryption. Your data is safe and fully encrypted, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Timesheets are available in multiple formats (e.g. Duration Timesheet, Hourly and Minute Timesheets, Timeclock)

Timesheet reporting is available in many formats, PDF, Excel and CSV downloads.

Reports include Overtime, Employee, Department, Project, Task, Vacation, Paid Time Off and Pay Codes.

Advanced analytics productivity reports allow you to track employees and departments week over week.

Create and setup all of your companies projects and tasks in Simpata.

Projects and Tasks allow your employee to accurately track their time.

Advanced security allows you to assign only specific projects and tasks to a particular employee or to a group.

Create your own payroll codes (e.g. Regular, Overtime, Sick Leave)

Report on paid time off, sick leave, overtime and regular pay.

Setup PTO accruals and PTO usage policies.

Our 24/7 email support is backed by industry veterans who understand our apps and your business.

We work with you and can provide you tips and tricks for getting the most out of Sampath Time.


$16 / mo

Simpata Time Professional includes all of the features of Simpata Time Standard plus timesheet approvals and email notifications.

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Professional Features

  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Timesheet Reporting
  • Project Administration
  • Task Administration
  • Payroll Code Administration
  • Email Notifications
  • Timesheet Approval Process
  • Email and Phone Support


$25/ mo

Simpata Time Enterprise includes all of the features of Simpata Time Professional plus PTO, Rest APIs, and Priority Support.

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Enterprise Features

  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Timesheet Reporting
  • Project Administration
  • Task Administration
  • Payroll Code Administration
  • Email Notifications
  • Timesheet Approval Process
  • Project Planning
  • Automated Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Rest API (JSON/XML)
  • Email and Phone Support
  • 2 Priority Support Incidents

Simpata Time Time and Attendance Features

256 Bit Encryption

Simpata Time includes 256 Bit SSL Encryption providing you peace of mind, securing all of your data whether you are using the web or mobile devices.


Standard email and telephone support is included in the Standard and Professional with 24-hour response time. Enterprise support includes 3 priority support incidents. Additional priority support incidents can be purchased through your enterprise agreement.

Data Exchange and APIs

Data exchange and REST APIs may require integration with your existing systems which is not included in the pricing. General Blue Professional Services can provide additional support and development services for Enterprise customers. Please contact us for more details.

Tile-based navigation and easy to use dashboards

The system is user friendly with easy navigation that can be used from any device with the responsive user interface (UI). The user experience is intuitive without frustration making it very easy to learn the first time through.

Error Free

The system is virtually error free. The user never sees cryptic and meaningless coded messages. Data entry is tightly controlled to minimize accidental errors. Accurate Timelines Time entries are recorded along the timeline for each user at accurate five minute intervals. Duplicate entries are never allowed for the same time period for a single user.

Time Entry Formats

Multiple timesheet formats are available for employee use. The standard formats include detailed daily and weekly.

Traffic Light Approval Process

Sophisticated approval process allows time sheets to be approved by multiple managers. The approval process is quick and easy yet comprehensive. The employee receives immediate feedback whether a timesheet is approved or rejected.

User Reporting

Any user can generate custom reports to view their time. Reporting is flexible and easy allowing you to report on specific projects or tasks for any calendar time period.

Organization-Wide Reporting

Administrative users can generate custom reports to view any number of users for any calendar time period, by department, multiple departments or work group(s).

Project Management

Project tracking is extremely precise and easy. Time entry is integrated with project management. Projects can be tracked across departments through an entire organization, comparing planned hour vs. actuals.

Project Administration Form
Payroll Calculations

Pay rules are hardwired automatically calculating all types of overtimes rules, including California, and most union rules. You account can confiugred for your own custom rules.

Payroll Interface

Advanced technology REST APIs enables Simpata™ to interface with any payroll vendor using XML (Extensible Markup Language ), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), CSV (Comma-separated values) and many proprietary formats.

Task Tracking

Tasks are easily tracked and are independent of projects allowing cross project task reporting.